Mystical Myths

Mystical Myths

Mystical Myths

Izaara’s celebrates Singapore‘s diversity once again with its new theatrical concept.
Magical myths and legends from Singapore and beyond!

Mystical Myths is a bouquet of mythical stories that come from all the different segments of Singapore’s multicultural and colorful diversity.

As a society as a whole Globally, we are all culturally diverse!

Be it the Malay’s, Chinese, Indians or the Westerners, we’ve all got our fair share of superstitions, myths and legends that have shaped our society and mindsets and passed down the generations as traditions and culture!

Izaara known for its entertaining new concepts promises to entertain all theatregoers once again with the quality and excellence that its earlier productions have been known for!

Promising the entertainment and grandeur of its earlier productions in the same genre we look forward to seeing you back with it us


Produced by Monisha Charan .
Each of these plays have been scripted by the directors including Monisha.
The plays are all in ENGLISH starring well -known actors from theatre and television.

Come with your friends for a magical evening of Mystical Myths 

Dates – 23rd, 24th, 25th August 
Venue – Goodman Arts 

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23rd, 24th, 25th August 



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