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Izaara Networks

Monisha’s brainchild and another fun-filled offering from our vast repertoire of services.

This social enterprise is much more than a mere networking event.
Monisha, who is also a coach and mentor has always felt very strongly about creating a safe space for people to meet, greet, connect and build friendships.

Izaara networks is that space for people from all walks of life. A space that offers you a platform to find your voice and be seen and heard.

You don’t need that business card to meet and greet at our networking evenings. You are enough as you are and we welcome you into our tribe.

Come with friends, make new ones and just build bonds of fun laughter and more at Izaara Networks. Be a part of our TRIBE at Izaara Networks.

Who are we


What our clients say

Vasundhara Maghotra
Founder, Saanjha

Izaara’s networking event provided an empowering atmosphere, diverse perspectives, and valuable connections for personal and professional growth. Grateful for this platform that is not only fun and eclectic but also uplifts women on their journey to success.

Gayathri Menon
Makeup artist and stylist

Thanks for creating this tribe of wonderful people. You rock Monisha Charan

Taru Nagotra

Thank you my alpha friend for creating this amazing event

Girija Venky

Thank you Izaara and Monisha for creating this purposeful platform with fun and frolic for meeting new people and making new friends.

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