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    Rachita Arke

    Friends in Singapore do catch Mystical Myths if your’re looking for something different and magical . 4 intriguing stories, 4 super talented directors and a stellar cast!
    Monisha Charan- Congratulations! Loved it !

    Charu Mehrotra

    Captivating actors and mystical stories…It was a fantastic experience watching amazing production ‘MYSTICAL MYTHS’

    Payal Thakurani

    Just watched Mystical myths by Izaara at Goodman Arts Centre – a bouquet of four folk tales directed by very four talented people. I can’t rave enough about the performances of the entire cast – top notch!!! Beautiful production and amazing talent. Just two more shows to go tomorrow and Sunday – please do go see it if you enjoy good theatre. Tickets details are in the poster below.

    Atima Joshi
    Middleton School

    Risk-taking in theatre and presenting something new is always fraught with doubts and uncertainties. Yet it is this risk taking which breaks the mould and discovers new possibilities.

    Monisha Charan, your Mystical Myths stood out due to its distinct vision of reaching out to the local audiences. Bringing the Chinese, the Malay, the Indian and the Western plays together was a beautiful weave that represented Singapore’s inherent fabric. I absolutely loved the ‘lady white serpent’, ‘the tape’ gave me goosebumps, the malay story brought a twisted taste of anger, dismay and pity (the actors were outstanding!), and the Indian myth Aravan was one I had not heard of before. Loved the grace Siddhi and her partner brought to the show. Take a bow Monisha! Well done.

    Michelle Mcfarlane
    BWN Asia

    Last night my Husband and I among a few other members and friends attended Mystical Myths produced by Monisha Charan of Izaara at Goodman Arts Centre. Mystical Myths is made up of four folk tales directed by 4 extremely talented local directors. The performances, had many emotions it left us mesmerised. Great performance from the entire cast. Book your tickets for this great production and see amazing local talent tell their mystical myth. Just two more shows to go tonight and Sunday it’s not too late to book and enjoy this great theatre production.

    Sangeeta Nambiar
    Playacting Productions

    Watched the very entertaining Mystical Myths. 4 beautiful stories, a fabulous cast and a kickass producer who always brings something different to the stage. Only 2 shows left. Catch the sheer magic of these myths!
    Monisha always does something different on stage.
    Kudos to her! Monisha, you should be very proud of how you have single handedly put together this amazing production. Kudos to your ever optimistic spirit. Looking forward to many more meaningful, different, interesting plays and events from Izaara Creative Productions!
    Congratulations Monisha Charan!!

    Shalakaa Karnik Ranadive

    So proud of you Monisha! Congratulations! May you go from strength to strength! For those of you who haven’t seen it yet- last show tomorrow- Mystical Myths Goodman Arts Centre

    Ashwathi Jacob
    VP- Star Vijay Singapore

    Mystical Myths -From the caption to the stories and the performance of the artists themselves- absolutely loved it. Kudos to you, Monisha. So glad I came for it!!

    Alpana Ahuja
    Artist and Animal rights activist

    A very big thank you to Monisha Charan and Izaara for always supporting ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) and all animal causes. A fabulous production.

    Nibedita Chattopadhyay
    Nritya Chanda

    Watched Monisha Charan’s MYSTICAL MYTHS was a truelly mesmerirising show.. Direction, Action, Costumes, Light-Sound ..everything was absolutely outstanding. Couldn’t blink for a second! It was an absolute pleasure to watch Monisha’s show.
    Thank you for such pleasure and joy,eagerly await your next show !

    Ricky Sapuran Singh

    Moshi staff night out yesterday to watch the very entertaining Mystical Myths of 4 multi-cultural plays with an awesome multi-racial cast.
    Superbly entertaining!!
    Congratulations Monisha Charan!!

    Rakesh Khanna, HP

    1, along will all my team mates would say it was an excellent, well-organised event. All of HP’s players and our colleagues loved the day. Good atmosphere, friendly opposition teams and their kindness made the event better.

    Capt. Ashok Batura, Sinoda Shipping
    Consul General - Republic of Malta

    It was our great pleasure and honour to be part of your event. It was very well organised. Your passion for Izaara is commendable , and we are with you all the way.

    Nirmal Tripathy Capt. MEIJI MAVERICKS

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for organizing such a fabulous tournament. We are overwhelmed by Izaara’s hospitality and enjoyed the tournament to the fullest. The tournament was a great success and all players played in the true spirit of the game. We would really like to be a part of this tournament in its future editions.

    Kennie - HP -

    Thanks Monisha! As usual you guys do a amazing job and tournament was such a huge success! Clearly CRICKET was the winner! It was well organised and all the team participated with right and good spirit!! Kudos to you and your team!!

    Pranshu / Kline

    Hi Monisha, to begin with thanks a lot and hats off to for conducting great tournament against all odds (specially singapore weather).
    We really enjoyed the event and your personal involvement in the event was commendable, We would definitely be part of this of great event in coming years and sure this will go bigger n bigger every year. Wish you all the best for future events.

    Kunal Chaddha
    GM - MarineCare

    Tks Monisha for Organising yet another great Cricket bonanza. We have thoroughly enjoyed it over the years and this year was no different and great work in putting it together for us on another day. Congratulations to all the winner teams and individual players. Wishing izaara success and look forward to the next one!

    Sachin Singh
    Fleet ship mgmt

    Hi Monisha. With nothing further to add except that it was pure fun. MCC are proud to be associated with Izaara. You have done an awesome job yet again and it feels like an extended family. We look forward to continuing this association for years to come. There were simply no show stoppers and that’s the measure of the success of this year’s Izaara Cricket Fiesta. More power to you and your team thank you once again on behalf of MCC.

    Anita Dewan

    Hi Monisha, congratulations on a brilliant production! Terrific acting, brilliant singing and dancing by the artists! Great job of putting it all together!

    Susie Tyrie

    My pleasure I really enjoyed it.


    Babe a rocking ensemble cast & mixed medium delivery You ruled the black box with this one

    Sumegha Mehtani

    Hey.i enjoy classical so really loved it.. u did awesome and ur whole crew did amazing job and Siddhi dances so very well

    Anurita Kher

    Hey babes, a fantastic play with amazing actors and moments that caught our attention ???????????? Kudos to you ????????

    Priya Divakaran

    Hi Monisha, the play was very good…i enjoyed it a lot…especially Kali, rudra dances..made me have goosebumps…the comedy & the acting of the cast…????????

    Anubhuti Dhote

    Good work ???? , the play was excellent as it had the dance element in it was really nice

    Siddhartha Dutta

    Wonderful would be an understatement- kudos to Monisha for organizing and managing this kind of tournament. Well done!!! and heartiest Congratulations.

    A Fan

    It was a great evening, and left me enthralled and appreciative of the tales.It made me realize how valid they remain even in today’s world. No wonder the show ran to two full houses, and I look forward to a reprise soonest.

    Manjula Bains

    Panchatantra A Moral Compass – a gentle reminder to adults of the plotted conspiracies stemming from personal insecurities that can threaten one’s creativity & have damaging repercussions . It’s interesting how people can be influenced to believe the Gossip , the Negative & even enjoy a laugh , without ascertaining facts . But as we all know , the Truth outshines every lie ultimately . Enjoyed all the Characters & stories of Panchatantra.


    I was not sure what to expect but found I enjoyed myself. There was good application of the morals and values to today’s life and done in a fun manner. The cast were all good and particularly the tree whose eye expressions and tone I found very engaging.

    Abhineeka Mitra

    Fabulous acting , Storyline really good and with a strong message too.

    Vaishali Kulkarni

    Good show Monisha ????????

    We all enjoyed it throughly.Wish you all the success????

    Rohina Singh

    Hey Monisha, Great show and a great job by the cast ????????

    Prerna Rajpal

    Monisha, must acknowledge ur cast is very strong! We all Enjoyed the show last evening. .Looking forward to more evenings like this.

    Rajesh Baran

    Panchtantra stories are based on black and white. They do not differentiate grey, but in contemporary times, to pick up a line from your main protogonist, fifty shades of grey or green, the play had its absolute relevance. Portrayed well, questioned and enacted well and definitely enjoyed by us.


    Everybody enjoyed the show and all the kids had their own chosen favorite character!! I loved the concept. Thank you for a memorable day and must say the venue was beautiful!!

    Alpana Ahuja

    Hi Monisha

    You had a great cast there Monisha! Very well acted and I did like the modern twist along with the social messages.

    Alpana Ahuja

    Sachin Sherawat-MCC

    A very well organised event well done Team Izaara and Monisha Charan

    Ashok Kumar

    Another great season! Always a great event in Singapore’s calendar

    Ricky sapuran Singh

    U nailed it Monisha !!
    Awesome Event and superb atmosphere. Cheers !!


    You’re quite a rockstar, Monisha! Congrats on yet another incredible event♡♡

    Manvanth Kunjur

    Thank you Monisha for such a fabulous tournament and your attention to every detail was immaculate… Thank you Izarra for another wonderful show

    Brijesh Mongia

    Morning Monisha!
    Thank you very much for a wonderful event on Saturday. It was a big hit and we all had a lot of fun.
    Well done and congratulations!
    Everyone was talking highly about this event. Cheers!

    Atima Joshi

    Congratulations Monisha Charan! You are a wonderful, unstoppable force of positivity! Awesome!


    Congratulations on a well organised and superb Izaara Cricket Event. Moshi is super glad to support your Event. Cheers

    Siddhartha Dutta

    Wonderful would be an understatement- kudos to Monisha for organising and managing this kind of tournament. Well done!!! and heartiest Congratulations.


    Congratulations for wonderful event…we as K-Line missed this year….

    Sandeep Patnaik - Golden Stena

    Appreciated and it was a great tournament as well as gr8 day

    Bhupesh Gandhi
    Group Nautical, Singapore

    Monisha is a fantastic, always happy and affable person. She has this unlimited energy from somewhere and the bounce to make even the dullest of moments come live. She is also very meticulous and at the same time creative, amazing combination. She managed a Conference for us and that was in a way perfect. She understands the other persons expactations very well and then managed it very well too despite limitations and constrains. Amazing person, eould definitely recommennd her for any creative Event and will be too glad to work with her at next earlier available Opportunity.

    Alexandros Glykas

    I know Monisha since a few years and she is really the most enthusiastic, positive thinking and ambitious personality in Singapore. Monisha is the king of person you want to rely upon. She has a business profile which highly invests in getting things done. If you are looking for a resourceful, compitent, kind and smart colleague, that Monisha. It has been a pleasure working with you.

    Sandeep Patnaik

    IZAARA Cup: The name is as stylish as the game and its format. With some exquisite teams performing it is not about cricket but a full day of fun, frolic and entertainment. Thanks to the organizers, Monisha & Abhay especially for handling this in such a manner. The entire crew is such a good sport and gives a personal touch to all participants at all times making them feel comfortable. At the end just to say, although it’s a game and there is win and loss, but in Izaara every participant is a winner. Cheers and good luck Monisha and Abhay for such a great tournament.

    P.S: Not to forget amidst the COVID i would say one of the best organized tournament in Singapore.

    Priyanka Talreja
    Countless Journeys

    Monisha is positive, intuitive, pragmatic and an empathetic listener who has found her calling as a trained transformational life coach. Her reflections through her life experiences show up through her coaching and her insights as an entrepreneur were very helpful to me. Her caring guidance helped me move on and see light at the end of the tunnel. I would highly recommend her as a life coach.

    Avantika Ramesh
    Love, Bonito
    Data Analyst

    Monisha’s method of coaching is empowering and uplifting. By helping me reframe my mindset and challenging me to question myself, Monisha helped me break through barriers that I didn’t even know were holding me back. She has the ability to step into the shoes of a millennial and contextualise with absolute ease. I’ve seen progress both personally and professionally – she is my go-to!

    Nidhi Chopra Khanna

    Huge congratulations for a super-duper successful tournament!! What a comeback after the covid hiatus! More power to you.

    Shirish Pathak
    Marine Consultant

    It was a very well organised event,we thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Looking forward to participating in many more of your events in near future.

    Rajan Mathur

    Raising the bar each year Monisha! Wonderful event. Great fun, super cricket, wonderful atmosphere!

    Sachin Singh
    MCC lions - Fleet Ship Management

    There were simply no showstoppers this year and that is the measure of success of the event this edition! More power to you and your team! Look forward to continuing this association for many years to come.

    Yatish Malhotra
    Anglo Eastern Ship Management

    It was indeed 2 days of fun cricket n some close games. It was a pleasure to be part of this fiesta and look forward to many more in the future. You did a fab job. All the best and keep shining!

    Pranshu Vashisht

    Thanks Monisha for arranging superb event. A weekend full of cricket n fun!All the very best for your future endeavours’ and looking forward to next year!

    Kennie Kishore

    Thanks Monisha! As usual you guys do an amazing job and tournament was such a huge success ! Clearly CRICKET was the winner! It was well organised and all the teams participated with right and good spirit !! Kudos to you and your team

    Manish Bariya

    Thanks to u for the fantastic event.
    Your efforts and arrangements are commendable !.
    Hard to believe it will be back next year.. wish it could be held more frequently.!

    Shivanshu Sharma
    Mizzen Digital

    It was amazing to witness anexperience curated by Monisha Charan, bringing out the best in people. An event we recommend as a must attend and if possible as a participating team. An amazing effort to bring the communities closer and connecting people. Kudos to you Monishaand we look forward to attending this again, over and over!

    Tarun Bahuguna

    I believe, that In the end, it’s not just about winning or losing. But about the participation that help u grow and what values you learn from the event.

    Anglo Eastern Ship Management

    Thanks Monisha. Grt tournament! We all enjoyed it!

    Archana Amlapure

    The shows were superb and I enjoyed each and every one of them. Great concept .Congratulations Monisha

    Payal and Vinod Thakurani

    We loved it ! Congratulations Monisha

    Ruchika Chandihoke

    Congratulations! Amazing festival and strong performances

    Mrunal Modak

    Interesting plays and good performances at Mystical Myths

    Gauri Gupta

    Good show and a unique and interesting concept. Congratulations Monisha Charan and team

    Sonal Agwekar

    Experienced and loved the sheer magic of MYSTICAL MYTHS unfold live on stage this August. Conceptualised and produced by Monisha Charan. Await the next edition

    Vasundhara Maghotra
    Founder, Saanjha

    Izaara’s networking event provided an empowering atmosphere, diverse perspectives, and valuable connections for personal and professional growth. Grateful for this platform that is not only fun and eclectic but also uplifts women on their journey to success.

    Gayathri Menon
    Makeup artist and stylist

    Thanks for creating this tribe of wonderful people. You rock Monisha Charan

    Taru Nagotra

    Thank you my alpha friend for creating this amazing event

    Girija Venky

    Thank you Izaara and Monisha for creating this purposeful platform with fun and frolic for meeting new people and making new friends.

    Bhupesh Gandhi
    Group Nautical, Singapore

    Monisha is a fantastic, always happy and affable person. She has this unlimited energy from somewhere and the bounce to make even the dullest of moments come live. She is also very meticulous and at the same time creative, amazing combination. She managed a Conference for us and that was in a way perfect. She understands the other persons expectations very well and then managed it very well too despite limitations and constrains. Amazing person, could definitely recommend her for any creative Event and will be too glad to work with her at next earlier available Opportunity.

    Capt. Abhay Charan
    AAUDAZ MARITIME, Singapore
    Founder – CEO

    Aaudaz Maritime celebrated its 5th Anniversary in October 2023 and Izaara was tasked to conceptualise and manage the event. From shortlisting the venue to handling the menu, drinks and door gifts, Izaara left no stone unturned in ensuring the event went smoothly. I was personally impressed with their pro-active approach and being with us till the very end. I could enjoy my event without having to worry about anything and in fact received great feedback from my guests regarding the event. Izaara ensured costs were within budget, guests were looked after and the host himself also got to enjoy the party! We will definitely use Izaara for all future corporate events.

    Ayush Kumar
    Ward Ferry
    Investment analyst

    Would 100% recommend Monisha’s coaching program to folks across age groups – be it someone as early as just getting started in their professional lives or someone looking for a career switch at any point. Monisha’s sessions are so energising and help bring out the best in you, and they’ve gone a long way in helping me with frameworks for my personal and professional life. Couldn’t be more thankful for these sessions, and genuinely believe it can be a game-changer for people In achieving their goals.

    Jenson goh
    PhD. Senior leader and Board member

    Monisha is a firecracker coach. She has within her a passion and fire that helps her coachee succeed. She motivated me to become a better version of myself after each session that I had with her over the last one year as a c-suite executive.

    Bhupendar Tanwar
    Northern Marine

    Many congratulations on delivering a master piece tournament. Your care and attention to detail was apparent in everything from ground selection, food, free flow beers and warm genuine interaction.

    Thank you.

    Blue Knights Captain

    Cheers to the Izaara Cup 24 organizers for orchestrating a top-notch cricket extravaganza! From riveting matches to unbeatable team spirit, it was an absolute delight. And to top it off, Blue Knights clinching the Challenge cup was the icing on the cake!

    Maersk Alumni Captain

    It was a pleasure playing the sport that bonds us and being part of the tournament, playing competitively and meeting old friends and new. We look forward to participating in the future. A big thank you to Monisha and team at Izaara for having us part of this superb event/ tournament.

    Desi boyz captain

    The Desi Boyz team had a fantastic time. It was a very well organized event and can’t think of anything that could’ve been done better…even the balls.:) The Izaara Cricket fiesta is that time of the year since 2014 , where we just come and have lots of fun.

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