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Panchatantra - A Moral Compass


Panchatantra – A Moral Compass


The Lakehouse @ ORTO


Jul 24 – Jul 26, 2015
[ Fri ] – [ Sun ]
3:00 PM – 10:00 PM SGT


Multi-Ethnic Theater Productions


IZAARA’S latest production, Panchatantra …..set in the ideal settings of the Lake House @The ORTO , was indeed a production deserving an encore.

The play was just about perfect in its content, and entertained the audience, which was a mix of adults, children, locals and expatriates.

While the tales themselves are a difficult subject to correlate in today’s rushed and technology related world, the professional artistes from the local theatre world delivered their very best, keeping the audience enthralled throughout the play.

The play subtly related the ancient Panchatantra to today’s world in a humorous manner, opening with the NS  man lost in the woods meeting the wise Owl under a talking tree! Interesting stories unfolded thereafter, one after the other, culminating with the distressed Elephant and its calf after their playtime ended in a tragic accident.


The multiracial cast, under the able direction of Yadav was par excellence. The Stage design, Costumes and Make -up under Creative producer Monisha Charan of Izaara was perfect. All the cast deserve a special mention, including the Wood-peckers The Crane family, The Sparrows, and The funny Tortoise. The show was peppered with the butterflies coming in at every scene change with a very soothing musical dance, adding colour to the story and a dream like quality to the production.

As people left that evening with a mix of emotions that the play evoked in them, what clearly rang out was the humour and the feel good factor every story left them with !

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Producer: Monisha Charan | Director: Hemang Yadav | Playwright: Sunita Sharma | Choreographer: Aiswarya Nair | Cast: Tracey Kan, Aditya Mazumdar, Amit Joshi,Gillian Tan, Zaki Nasir, Aiswarya Nair , Adelynn Tan , Candice Rosario, Nicola Kong.Gavin Low

Jatin, Inaaya, Neel,Sumedh,Akul | Dancers: Siddhi Charan, Pritika Vatsa, Anusha Chauhan

What our clients say

A Fan

It was a great evening, and left me enthralled and appreciative of the tales.It made me realize how valid they remain even in today’s world. No wonder the show ran to two full houses, and I look forward to a reprise soonest.

Manjula Bains

Panchatantra A Moral Compass – a gentle reminder to adults of the plotted conspiracies stemming from personal insecurities that can threaten one’s creativity & have damaging repercussions . It’s interesting how people can be influenced to believe the Gossip , the Negative & even enjoy a laugh , without ascertaining facts . But as we all know , the Truth outshines every lie ultimately . Enjoyed all the Characters & stories of Panchatantra.


I was not sure what to expect but found I enjoyed myself. There was good application of the morals and values to today’s life and done in a fun manner. The cast were all good and particularly the tree whose eye expressions and tone I found very engaging.

Abhineeka Mitra

Fabulous acting , Storyline really good and with a strong message too.

Vaishali Kulkarni

Good show Monisha ????????

We all enjoyed it throughly.Wish you all the success????

Rohina Singh

Hey Monisha, Great show and a great job by the cast ????????

Prerna Rajpal

Monisha, must acknowledge ur cast is very strong! We all Enjoyed the show last evening. .Looking forward to more evenings like this.

Rajesh Baran

Panchtantra stories are based on black and white. They do not differentiate grey, but in contemporary times, to pick up a line from your main protogonist, fifty shades of grey or green, the play had its absolute relevance. Portrayed well, questioned and enacted well and definitely enjoyed by us.


Everybody enjoyed the show and all the kids had their own chosen favorite character!! I loved the concept. Thank you for a memorable day and must say the venue was beautiful!!

Alpana Ahuja

Hi Monisha

You had a great cast there Monisha! Very well acted and I did like the modern twist along with the social messages.

Alpana Ahuja