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Izaara Fiesta 2011


Izaara Fiesta 2011


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Izaara organised its inaugural cricket tournament recently. Based on a six-a-side format, the tournament held at the Tanjong Cricket grounds was open to all Singapore based cricket playing companies and clubs. Participants included shipping, trading and banking firms. See some of the pictures below.

Izaara Cricket Fiesta 2011
Izaara Cricket Fiesta 2011

What our clients say

Rakesh Khanna, HP

1, along will all my team mates would say it was an excellent, well-organised event. All of HP’s players and our colleagues loved the day. Good atmosphere, friendly opposition teams and their kindness made the event better.

Capt. Ashok Batura, Sinoda Shipping
Consul General - Republic of Malta

It was our great pleasure and honour to be part of your event. It was very well organised. Your passion for Izaara is commendable , and we are with you all the way.

Nirmal Tripathy Capt. MEIJI MAVERICKS

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for organizing such a fabulous tournament. We are overwhelmed by Izaara’s hospitality and enjoyed the tournament to the fullest. The tournament was a great success and all players played in the true spirit of the game. We would really like to be a part of this tournament in its future editions.

Kennie - HP -

Thanks Monisha! As usual you guys do a amazing job and tournament was such a huge success! Clearly CRICKET was the winner! It was well organised and all the team participated with right and good spirit!! Kudos to you and your team!!