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Izaara Day and Night 2011


Izaara Day and Night 2011


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Yorker Ground


Saturday, 27 August 2011


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Izaara organized the first ever day/night Cricket tournament in Singapore. It was a 8-a-side tourney with participants from various cricket clubs and companies. The lighting requirements of night cricket were superbly handled and validated by the vast throng of supporters in attendance.




Group A Group B

Cracking Willows

Cognizant Geek Gods

Navig 8

TSR Nukkad



BSI Bank


The cloudy overcast morning and passing showers set the ball rolling for the Izaara Day-Night Eights tournament which kicked off on schedule at 12.40pm, with the 8 participating teams split into 2 groups of 4 each. This tournament had the distinction of being the first of its kind. The first ever, proper Day-Night cricket tournament to be held in Singapore.

The wet ground conditions and the occasional light rain did not dampen the spirits of the enthusiastic teams as they carried on with some entertaining and competitive cricket.
After the initial round robin stage matches the following were the results and the points table.

Group stage results

Group Time  
A 1220pm GIIS vs Cognizant Geek Gods

GIIS won by 12 runs

B Navig 8 vs BSI Bank

BSI won by 5 wickets.

B 1.40pm Cracking Willows vs Avengerz

Cracking Willows won by 39 runs

A TSR Nukkad vs Googly

Googly won by 7 wickets

A 3pm Cognizant Geek Gods vs Googly

Googly won by 25 runs.

B Navig 8 vs Cracking Willows

Cracking Willows won by 12 runs

A 4.20pm GIIS vs TSR Nukkad

GIIS won by 54 runs

B Avengerz vs BSI Bank(Match tied))

BSI won by loss of fewer wickets

A 5.40pm GIIS vs Googly(match tied)

GIIS won by maximum number of Sixes

B Cracking Willows vs BSI Bank

Cracking Willows won by 7 wickets

A 7pm TSR Nukkad vs Cognizant Geek Gods

Cognizant Geek gods won by 8 wickets

B Navig 8 vs Avengerz

Navig 8 won by 4 wickets

At the end of the group stage 

Group ‘A’

GIIS Cognizant Nukkad Googly Points Position
 GIIS —— 2 2 2 6 1
 Cognizant 0 ————- 2 0 0 3
 Nukkad 0 0 ———- 0 0 4
 Googly 0 2 2 ——— 4 2

Group ‘B’

C.Willows Navig Avengerz BSI Points Position
 C.Willows ————- 2 2    2 6 1
 Navig 0 ——- 2    0 2 3
 Avengerz 0 0 ————    0 0 4
 BSI Bank 0 2 2 —— 4 2

After the group stage GIIS and Googly from group A and Cracking Willows and BSI Bank from group B qualified for the Semis.

SF 1 8.20pm GIIS vs BSI Bank

GIIS won by 45 runs

SF 2 Cracking Willows vs Googly

Googly won by 15 runs

Brief scores:

Semi Final 1
GIIS                    89/2.        Manbhir Singh 23 not out.
Beat BSI Bank   44/3.         Ashish 21 not out.

Semi Final 1
Googly 71/1.                      Dharmichand 22  not out.                DEFEATED
Cracking Willows 56/0     Balaji 19 & Chetan 21 not out .       by 15 runs.

The final was contested by the best 2 teams on that day and true to its contest the game was decided off the 2nd last ball of the match with Googly emerging winners by 5 wickets.

FINALS 9.40pm GIIS vs Googly
Googly won by 5 wickets.

Brief scores:

GIIS 46.  lost to Googly 47/2  with  Dharmichand 22 not out … by 5 wickets.

Special awards were presented in the following categories to players who performed consistently through out the tournament.

Best Batsman: Prakash. Cognizant Geek Gods

Best Bowler: Rajeev. Googly

Player of the tournament: Manbhir Singh   GIIS.

Given the enthusiastic crowds that cheered the teams on to victory till 11pm when the curtains were finally brought down and the great feed back from the teams one can say YES the

IZAARA Day- Night Eights was a great hit and is here to stay.

IZAARA thanks all the teams, the ground staff, the spectators, the families and every one involved in making this tournament a tremendous success.

What our clients say

Rakesh Khanna, HP

1, along will all my team mates would say it was an excellent, well-organised event. All of HP’s players and our colleagues loved the day. Good atmosphere, friendly opposition teams and their kindness made the event better.

Capt. Ashok Batura, Sinoda Shipping
Consul General - Republic of Malta

It was our great pleasure and honour to be part of your event. It was very well organised. Your passion for Izaara is commendable , and we are with you all the way.

Nirmal Tripathy Capt. MEIJI MAVERICKS

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for organizing such a fabulous tournament. We are overwhelmed by Izaara’s hospitality and enjoyed the tournament to the fullest. The tournament was a great success and all players played in the true spirit of the game. We would really like to be a part of this tournament in its future editions.

Kennie - HP -

Thanks Monisha! As usual you guys do a amazing job and tournament was such a huge success! Clearly CRICKET was the winner! It was well organised and all the team participated with right and good spirit!! Kudos to you and your team!!