Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

IZAARA is a PR, Branding , Creative events consultancy. It was founded by Monisha Charan in 2008 and has under its belt high profile events such as a corporate cricket league, fashion shows and theatre productions. Monisha has also been awarded the lady entrepreneur of the year award for 2013 .

The Izaara cup, its signature cricket tournament is a corporate league that has 14 top corporate teams in the draw each year. The Izaara day and night cricket fiesta was the first of its kind to be held in Singapore. This meticulously planned well executed and much awaited event has grown in strength over the years. Coming out with its 4th season in February 2014 made IZAARA the oldest non-­club/ non-­league private cricketing event of its kind in Singapore. The event was also covered by Vasanatham in an early stage of the game and will be carried by Pardesi Pulse in its latestEdition.

Izaara has to its credit well received theatre productions like its musical, ‘Mast Mast Mumbai’, staged on 8th of February 2013 and “The ‘X at 40’ amongst the better known ones, with local stars like “ Kumar”. Izaara has also had the honour of presenting a condensed version of “ Mast Mast Mumbai” for the Media Development Authority of Singapore in October of 2012 and its latest theatrical production “Inner Circles” for the Tanglin Club written and directed by Monisha Charan ,was also well received .

Izaara and Monisha have also conceptualized unique and high profile fashion shows and worked with many well known fashion and Media houses and over the years ,like the “India Se fashion show” in 2012.Izaara has also given Singapore its first Fashion show in a Bazaar when Monisha was heading events for the Indian Women’s association.

In 2013 Izaara worked with a well known fashion house called “Mythology “in Singapore, winding up the year with a Fashion show for the Singapore Sports Council, in November.

Izaara’s networks and outreach are a valuable asset in terms of a long term relationship that extends across the entire duration of the project. Bringing on board an experience spanning a vast repertoire of different projects would be another value add, where strategizing and planning and immaculate implementation play a role.

Izaara’s meticulously planned, well executed and have a following both within the local and expat community, in Singapore. Every event done by Izaara has a its own USP and is earmarked as a one of its kind event with many follow ups by other event co’s.