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feel like a million bucks

Izaara’s Personal Branding Program

Monisha Charan-Introduction


IZAARA’S new holistic and empowering concept!

A comprehensive program conceptualised and created just for YOU.

Who are you, what is waiting to surface from within YOU?

Untapped potential, different aspects of your personality, hidden depths, a uniqueness that is YOU!

Stuck in a rut!  Looking to add that little zing to life ..Need to fill in the gaps ..We’ll help you find the real YOU !

A program that helps you tap into all of that hidden power and uncover strengths that are yours and yours alone!

Izaara Promise

Izaara Promise





Skill Sets

What we will cover

Coaching & Personal Branding

Your personal brand

  • Positivity and Motivation
    •  Positive and motivational guidance from a lifestyle coach.
  • Body Language
    • Make it work for you.
  • Lifestyle Balance
    • Start your journey to acheive the Balance

personal grooming

  • Skincare and Haircare
    • Basic Skin Care
    • Hair Care
  • Wardrobe
    • How to plan a capsule wardrobe?
  • Image and Posture
    • Clean Image
    • Confident Posture

standing out -the winner

  • Handshake and Positive demeanour
  • CV & Interview skills
    • Interview Tips and preparation
    • Opening Statement and CV
  • Your first job and how to get ready for the corporate world
    • Presentation skills

achieve your dreams

  • Prepare, Plan and Execute
    • Going after what is right for YOU.
  • Building your social networking Skills
    • Using social network to your advantage
    • Finding what you need to succeed.
  • How to fly and staying in flight
    • Remaining motivated and inspired on your journey.

Who are we?

A group of professionals, all from different walks of life!

We have learnt and risen to embrace our true selves!

We believe in ourselves and we’ve all gotten together to share that belief and give to you a little bit from our lives. To empower you with tools that we would hope would make a little bit of difference to your lives too, just the way they’ve changed ours!

Ive created this complete and holistic programme with my wondeful and gifted team, which helps you plug in those gaps, giving you a small nudge in the right direction!

Start your journey with us.

Let us help you Feel like a Million Bucks!

Izaara - Who are we

Join the program!