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A short- yet crazily  spirited- play, scripted,produced and directed by Monisha Charan, creative director of Izaara. Monisha Charan and her team at Izaara thus did yet another first, by introducing this new concept in Singapore.. on 22nd of July 2016.

On 22nd July, theatre and non -theatregoers, came in to their favourite club Moshi Moshi Bollywood for a different source of entertainment. Obviously they were unsure of what to expect from it, but were completely entertained with this unconventional form of theatre. They came dressed for a club evening, to watch a play and at the same time enjoy the easy atmosphere!

The fabulous international and local cast of actors played to the gallery, with their well intended puns, innuendos and perfect rendition and interpretation of the script. The theatre-goers were drawn into the story by actively participating in it, adding hilarity and their own essence and flavor to it.

As Monisha commented, ”they enlivened my crazy script”.

Monisha’s intention to commercialize theatre and take it to bar was based on her own unconventional sense of humour and a general observation of the typical bar frequenting individuals which now most of us are! As Monisha rightly said, “Scripting it to fit into the setting and mood was not really a challenge as my fun loving and gregarious self took over”.

The evening rolled out with some warm up party games in which the audience actively participated, moving into the much anticipated PUNCH-A-TANTRA, a short play which received rave reviews.

Candy Del, herself an artist and an avid theatre goer commented:

“A Play Called PUNCH A TANTRA, a happening Club called Moshi Moshi…and a Creative Producer Monisha Charan…on a sultry Friday evening; launched her well scripted Play performed in the settings of the cozy bar n club…a first time ever for an English play in a Bollywood club space…a La Texan, and Latin style sans the music…making it an immensely delightful, rare and laughter packed evening; with friends family et all, with a Spirited participative audience making it super fun!! 
Monisha sure packed in the Punch with satire, tongue in cheek humor, great performances by the artists, and some impeccable English repertoire (for which I am a stickler)…Kudos Monisha and the Best for more to come…!!”

The evening ended midst a lot of laughter and goodbyes with ‘CANT WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT ONE-WHEN’S THE NEXT ONE?”HOPE SOON??


Overall it was a fabulous and entertaining evening, with the Cast and the staff of Moshi Moshi bollywood living up to everyone’s expectations.



Dates & Venue

22nd July 2016

VenueMoshi Moshi