Feel like a million Bucks


Feel like a million Bucks




14th September 2019


Personal Branding Program

IZAARA’S new holistic and empowering concept !
A holistic program conceptualised and created for YOU.
Who are you, what are you, what else is there within YOU?
Untapped potential, different aspects of your personality, hidden depths, a uniqueness that is YOU!

A program that helps you tap into all of that hidden power and uncover strengths that are yours and yours alone!

Who are we!
A group of professionals, all from different walks of life!
We have learnt and risen to embrace our true selves!

Each of us on this program believes in ourselves and we’ve all gotten together to share that belief and give to you a little bit from our lives. To empower you with tools that we would hope would make a little bit of difference to your lives too just the way they’ve changed ours!

This program was conceived in my head at a runway show I had created 2 years ago and I always wanted to work with people and help them feel complete.

Hence with a wonderful and gifted team I am fortunate to have with me I created this as a complete and holistic one that would give me everything I was looking for! A little boost a small nudge in the right direction!

Come join us on the 14th of September 2019
The process… discussions the fun and finally the selfies as we work towards MAKING YOU FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS! The fabulous team that brings this workshop to you .. This is us!! and we bring it all to you ‘!!

5 aspects of your personality!






You are unique and one of a kind ! But do you know it???

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